So to dove-tail off the last point about the immense value of our intrinsic (too oft’ largely leaking personal reserves of Source-conducting, golden-power), the question is: what would you do to restore your siphoned, drained, leached power?
Next, let me ask you this: do you see the connection between the chlorophyll in greens from synthesized sunlight and Source energy/power and the inhibiting draining effect of foods common to modern culture and how they obstruct any chance of conducting Source-power flowing through you (and thereby cause it to get stuck and the channels carrying it to grow defunct and die)?
What if you could open those conducting channels back up again and thereby call Source-power back into your being again simply by removing those obstructions as you put Source-charged foods link chlorophyll-rich foods into your body instead?
What if this would switch you back on?! Would you do it if you knew it would work? If you knew that you could have that kind of power within you and move through life with uncommon ease, grace, sovereignty, predictably perfect health and skyrocketing creativity?
What makes me one part sad-one part inspired every day is the fact that on the one hand, most people do not know anything about the things I talk about and go about their lives feeling hopeless, their power constantly dwindling, and on the other hand, this is all totally real and it works and no one has to be stuck and on that life-defeated trajectory if they apply it properly.
Your power can be restored…but not through hope alone: through the right knowledge and the right application of that knowledge.
Don’t think spiritual power is separate from physical power or vice versa. They are one. We are not designed to get old and die this way. People are just interrupted, hijacked, clogged up and stuffed up: body, heart & mental field with obstruction and they accept their habits and limitations that keep compounding the problem.
I’ll keep beating the drum for those who want to be free and fly. 🥁 🦅 💫
There is another way. You can get out of the mad error and set your body, heart & mind free! I’m here to pass it along to anyone who’s ready. ❤️