Thoughts on Beauty


If you ever think beauty is expensive, remember this:


Beauty is receiving light from the sun into your skin, eyes and sacred brain.
Beauty is a long, hot bath with natural, alkaline soap.
Beauty is giving yourself a generous foot massage in that bath.
Beauty is electrons conducting/kissing life force within you and in your environment.
Beauty is clean blood and tissues.
Beauty is loving touch.
Beauty is inclusivity.
Beauty is respecting and revering life in all its countless forms.
Beauty is discerning true beauty from illusions of beauty and knowing which to emulate.
Beauty is allowing yourself to truly feel everything that moves through you.
Beauty is putting your mind on the most exquisite thoughts you can muster up.
Beauty is surrendering to a long night’s sleep at 9:30pm.
Beauty is being a life-generating force for all life affected by your field.
Beauty is simple and clean. Beauty is biting into a tomato that you grew!
Beauty is the care we take to balance and support life’s interconnectivity at every level.
Beauty is when the sap from the heart of our being surges with love.
And of course, I could go on and on as that which is expresses true beauty is infinite as life itself.


However, what’s expensive, beauty is not…
Beauty is not being served Foie Gras with Truffles in St. Tropez in July.
Beauty is not drinking French champagne, donned in haute-couture.
Beauty is not stilettos on the red carpet.
Beauty is not self-importance.
Beauty is not segregation and exclusivity.
Beauty is not cocktails and perfume.
Beauty is not spraying on formaldehyde sun-screen on the beach in St. Barts.
Beauty is not weakening the integrity of your teeth with chemical whitening agents.
Beauty is not believing you are less beautiful because your face shows signs of life and experience. And on and on…


But then, perhaps beauty is all of these things because when you pay the real price for this latter category, which is far more than the sticker price, you thirst only for real beauty — and that can be a beautiful (albeit painful) journey. I’ve been around enough to know and share that the simple, life-generating path is the sweetest place to be.


Of course, the emotional, energetic, physical and financial freedom it takes to create such a world of true beauty for yourself is, shall we say, “priceless?” Be the beauties that you are and don’t fall for any imitations.