Brush & Cup: Simple yet Powerful and Effective!

Brush & Cup: Simple yet Powerful and Effective!



Such simple concepts and yet so powerful & effective! I know it seems a labor to dry brush daily but you know it’s working because you feel so wonderful immediately afterward. The euphoria ringing through the skin & lymph is unquestionably communicating that good work has been done. It’s a great example of the effort required to bring about a syntropic result!




Then, I apply whatever pure oil I have on hand to my ‘trouble zones’ (in my case, front & back of my thighs) and use the large sized Bella Baci cup to bring about increased circulation (the suction from the cups draws oxygenated blood to the surface cells which otherwise tend to get the short end of the stick and help loosen the fascia, trapped fluid and adipose knitting that increases the appearance of cellulite). This cupping is generally painful at the start. But as the cupping does its work after a few sessions, it really doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, it feels quite nice. The appearance of cellulite can appear worse as the tension in the fascia releases. (This seems to be different for everyone as some find they have immediately positive cosmetic results).


I know the effect is ultimately positive as the method increases blood flow, massages unwanted tense calcification from the fascia for improved flow and leaves the skin feeling softer and the muscle more supple and youthful. Finally, I use the small, cone shaped Bella Baci cup on my face (always apply oil first). I do all this in the sauna so it’s an all-in-one routine. Time management is key! Blessings of health, happiness, strength & beauty!


In loving service,




Beauty that Shines from Within

Beauty that Shines from Within

Beauty that Shines from Within


“Your body is the harp of your soul. It is yours to bring forth sweet music or confused sounds.” – Kahlil Gibran


As an avid observer of trends and trend predictions, I have noted a significant shift in what we find beautiful in our culture.


Instead of continuing to value youth for the sake of youth and flawlessness for the sake of flawlessness, I find that as people awaken, they are starting to look less for commonly held ideals of perfection in terms of external beauty and more for beauty that shines from within and manifests without in the form of a fresh, natural glow.


Personal authenticity is growing more valuable while plastic perfection is being seen for the illusion that it is.


Any good art designer or plastic surgeon can produce a perfect image. That’s old hat. The new beauty (you might say it is the “original beauty”) is one that shines from within – not just some image of commonly accepted perfection that we are conditioned to call “beauty.”


Clarity and love are the new beauty and, over time, those who embody unconditional love and increase the love-light within themselves will be seen to be (and actually will be) physically more attractive.


Plastic surgery, chemicals and the like place more density and poison in our being. With your New Energy Body you will naturally blossom into greater visual beauty too!


I already see my contemporaries preferring to be around others that are pure of purpose and of spirit.


The people that I know of that are leaders and think for themselves are choosing friends, dates and mates who embody this inner beauty first; beauty for the sake of beauty is not “de rigeur” and will eventually be recognized as meaningless as more and more people awaken to the illusion of the old beauty.


People want to be around other people that make them feel good and are good to others. I mention this specifically because so many of my readers are in search of ways to become more attractive and may have been drawn to this book in an attempt to improve their physical appearance.


That will come; I can assure you – for the rejuvenation of the body, the heart and your hidden energy source are all inexorably connected.


An authentic glow, the result of dropping old patterns, aggression and fears and truly being oneself is the new “hot.”


Are you ready to sizzle?


FROM: The New Energy Body by Natalia Rose


Conditions for Beauty

Conditions for Beauty

Create the Conditions to be Beautiful


If you want to be beautiful, you must create the conditions for beauty. The conditions for beauty are as follows:




Intelligence (which is synonymous with ‘life force’); and



There you have it. Possess these qualities and you will be in fullest possession of beauty. Maintain it long enough and things of beauty will flock to you as like seeks like and gathers more of itself to itself. Pretty fabulous, isn’t it? And no Botox, implants or fat suctioning required. Just truth, beautiful truth.


in loving service,



Big Bedtime Tip #1

Big Bedtime Tip #1

My Big #1 Bedtime Tip


I keep essential oil of cinnamon bark & essential oil of peppermint at my bedside & bathroom so if I wake up in the night I can put a tiny drop on my tongue, thereby enhancing my oral hygiene throughout the night. Also a super trick for having superb breath upon rising! Keep it close by for close encounters.


Cinnamon Bark and Peppermint


These two essential oils are ideal for internal use. The way I use them is- I literally place my tongue to the top of the vial because any more than a tiny bit is toooooo much. Quantity of application is critical. Cinnamon bark is intensely heating, while all the mints are intensely cooling. They are both great all day & anytime (particularly good mid-training too).


The nighttime dosing is a highly sophisticated way of keeping the oral cavity and digestive tract pathogen free, fresh & hygienic over night while most people’s oral cavities are expunging muck with no defense!


In loving service,




Tomorrow: Bedtime Tip #2!

Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory

Female Pattern Baldness


It used to be that only men faced the strong likelihood of baldness as they aged. But today, one of the biggest concerns among women is losing their hair. Female pattern baldness is practically a household term now. Give it a generation or two and, like practically everything else, female pattern baldness will be relegated to some kind of unfortunate genetic lottery just like male pattern baldness, rather than by its original cause: the systematic ravaging of the bloodstream with toxins. Make no mistake, this rapidly growing symptom is a clear indication of how toxic womankind has become.


Early Indications of Toxicity in Women


One of the earliest indications of toxicity in women presents in the form of bladder issues. The bladder-kidney meridian is extremely sensitive to acidity and will let you know the moment your pH starts to dip (the beginning of all problems to come). To be clear, this means that those bladder infections are telling you that you’re now on the highway to rapidly de-spiraling health.


The next major indication for women comes with their cycles. ‘Aunt Flo’ should have a brief, non-eventful visit – arriving without fanfare, causing minimal inconvenience and leaving you feeling refreshed. If that is not the case, you have accumulated too much waste and toxicity and it’s time to glean ‘Aunt Flo’s’ keen insights before more unpleasant symptoms present.


By the time a woman has suppressed these symptoms for a couple of decades, her glands can no longer be expected to function normally. Hormones cannot be expected to secrete as designed. In addition, the accumulation in the intestine (which has now permeated deep into the body through the porous tissues and interconnecting channels) is housing all manner of entropic material, including heavy metals, machine oils and radiation, which are rapidly reproducing pathogens and decaying the entire system.


Meanwhile, the outward quest for beauty continues while the inner being is ravaged (and the damaging lifestyle is continued). Symptoms worsen, suppression increases, appearance suffers, application of toxic cosmetic products and procedures increase. The puff increases, the pathogens proliferate, the toxicity deepens, the decay accelerates. That is the inglorious cycle.


Awaken and Release the Cause of this Toxicity


But, of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. In order for a life-generating cycle to ensue instead, the original cause must be nipped from the very start: the saturation of acidic, toxic accumulation must be addressed. That is where the healing must be directed. Any other starting point will fail. The waste must be removed. And then: the decay will slow, the toxicity will depart, the pathogens will die off, the puff will decrease and the procedures and products will become not only unnecessary but perceived to be the major contributing cause of decay and disease that they are.


Hair and nails are like the leaves on a tree. If you have a healthy tree with a robust, well-nourished root system and loads of life force conducting in an unobstructed rush up through the branches, you will see lush leaves, fruits and flowers blossoming forth. But, if the opposite is true and the roots are weak and hardly any life force rises through the branches, you will find lackluster leaves with high entropy fruits and flowers (if any) gasping from a dying tree.


Female pattern baldness is only in its early stages in our culture. I predict that it will among the very fastest growing symptoms for women in the near term. The answer is not going to be a toxic re-growth pill, chemical creams or playing more hormone roulette. Those approaches will result in even more unbearable symptoms like even greater infertility and auto-immune diseases the likes of which we have not yet ‘er seen (nor ever want to see!).


The solution has always been there. Awaken & release the waste from your cells, tissues and organs and you will the process reveals you very own abundance of lush leaves, fruits and flowers. Your hair is your crown — don’t let a misguided lifestyle steal your crown from you, Princess!


– in loving service,






Thoughts on Beauty


If you ever think beauty is expensive, remember this:


Beauty is receiving light from the sun into your skin, eyes and sacred brain.
Beauty is a long, hot bath with natural, alkaline soap.
Beauty is giving yourself a generous foot massage in that bath.
Beauty is electrons conducting/kissing life force within you and in your environment.
Beauty is clean blood and tissues.
Beauty is loving touch.
Beauty is inclusivity.
Beauty is respecting and revering life in all its countless forms.
Beauty is discerning true beauty from illusions of beauty and knowing which to emulate.
Beauty is allowing yourself to truly feel everything that moves through you.
Beauty is putting your mind on the most exquisite thoughts you can muster up.
Beauty is surrendering to a long night’s sleep at 9:30pm.
Beauty is being a life-generating force for all life affected by your field.
Beauty is simple and clean. Beauty is biting into a tomato that you grew!
Beauty is the care we take to balance and support life’s interconnectivity at every level.
Beauty is when the sap from the heart of our being surges with love.
And of course, I could go on and on as that which is expresses true beauty is infinite as life itself.


However, what’s expensive, beauty is not…
Beauty is not being served Foie Gras with Truffles in St. Tropez in July.
Beauty is not drinking French champagne, donned in haute-couture.
Beauty is not stilettos on the red carpet.
Beauty is not self-importance.
Beauty is not segregation and exclusivity.
Beauty is not cocktails and perfume.
Beauty is not spraying on formaldehyde sun-screen on the beach in St. Barts.
Beauty is not weakening the integrity of your teeth with chemical whitening agents.
Beauty is not believing you are less beautiful because your face shows signs of life and experience. And on and on…


But then, perhaps beauty is all of these things because when you pay the real price for this latter category, which is far more than the sticker price, you thirst only for real beauty — and that can be a beautiful (albeit painful) journey. I’ve been around enough to know and share that the simple, life-generating path is the sweetest place to be.


Of course, the emotional, energetic, physical and financial freedom it takes to create such a world of true beauty for yourself is, shall we say, “priceless?” Be the beauties that you are and don’t fall for any imitations.