If you think it’s hard cleaning the grout in your shower (where soap and water flow no less), imagine what’s in your intestine and saturated throughout your organs & tissues organism-wide.
Like all of its owners, I echo, we would not want to live without an Enlightener!
When you clean your home and know what it takes to keep life clean, you learn profound truths about the body and what accrues over decades of consumption.
Everything needs cleaning & washing. Your body is more your home than is your external dwelling place!
See how your life & life experience transform when you cleanse deeply & consistently.
It’s only as intimidating as cleaning your own home. I get it, that can be saying a lot for some of you, I know, lol! But let’s get started together. I’ll put my gloves on with you and scrub by your side giving you all my 22 years of tips, tricks & support!
Get ready to ring with life force, strength, beauty & inexplicable bliss! Let’s clean ‘house!’ 👊🌟🧼❤️