The more waste exits the body, the more space there will be in the body. That space was designed to be filled with life force, not waste.


When the space is filled with life force you will feel the electromagnetic charge viscerally. The more space you make in your body by removing the awakened accumulation, the more energy you will have.


We do not get energy by eating “filler” food – food with a high caloric quotient. We get energy by creating space that can be filled with life force!


When we do this and combine that with an extremely green diet, avoiding over eating, we receive all the powerful nutrients from those green foods, contributing to our biogenic state of being.


In this way, this food does recharge us whereas other foods do not, they merely stimulate and fatigue us – the two-part experience we get with all other foods to the degree at which they are dense, gluey and non-ideal for our consumption.


The only exception to this rule is in the case of organic, ripe fruit – but ONLY when it is entering a strong, pathogen-free body (a rarity in today’s world).


FROM: The Packaged Extremely Green Detox, Course from Natalia Rose Institute