What Else is Needed Aside from a Plant-based Diet?

What Else is Needed Aside from a Plant-based Diet?

Eating Your Veggies Isn’t Enough


I hear people all the time saying they wish they could eat a 100% plant-based diet but struggle. Yes, plant-based sounds good, doesn’t it (and the alternatives being animal-based or SAD or paleo or some other water-devoid consumption like Banting) are not in harmony with maintaining both 1. the very high water-content and 2. the alkaline force-field of the body.


Cleansing your Colon


BUUUUUUT…. simply eating a plant-based diet is not going to make you healthy. Being plant-based per se is not going to cure you of your fatigue, excess weight, auto-immune diseases, and countless other mounting fragilities. Only getting the WASTE OUT will do that. You don’t rehabilitate a landfill by putting some flowers on it or planting a few trees in the radioactive, septic soil. The only hope of restoring health to toxic soil is by removing the septic, radioactive matter from the land.


Too Many Nuts and Grains


Also, plant-based means little if it is in the form of substances that constipate your system. Large quantities of nuts and grain (which is how modern people tend to consume these – as in by the fist-full and in bowls-full) is not going to solve anything in your body. Unless you take these in very small portions, it just adds to the already problematic density & inflammation.


If you block a pathway in nature, the requisite flowing elements like water and oxygen will not be received. Don’t beat yourself up over a 100% plant-based diet and better yet, don’t fall into the trap that it will fix you by itself. What will fix you is using dark green plants to awaken deep waste from your cells and tissues and then using colon irrigation to remove that which the plants awakened! Focus on what you’re able to remove from your body as the primary method of regenerating yourself!


Awaken and Release


We do this by the tried-and-true method of awaken + release. Electron rich/highly oxygenating substance (greens primarily) reconstitute and magnetize the waste up and out of the cells and tissues, to exit the colon through enemas and colonics. It’s a two-pronged effort – both legs of this are needed if you want to truly walk & run through life!


There is no such thing as a cleanse that doesn’t result in the copious release of deeply drawn up matter. Do you cleanse your house without removing copious rubbish? Do you sprinkle supplements and leaves and consider it cleaned? Of course not! So have your green juice and raw salads and if you need to, and have a few eggs or a piece of fish or a Bison burger if need be (I don’t like the idea of exploiting animals for food, for the record, but once enough cleansing has occurred, this person will become such a force for good in the world that it will more than compensate and the animal eating will stop – once s/he realizes where his/her energy & strength actually comes from – the life-force current from the removal of obstruction – s/he will immediately stop consuming the flesh of animals and eat a true plant-based diet as intended – simple, sparse & clean). That’s what we need to get to fully experience our human design. But it comes in stages, a transition is required.


Plant food, unless you’re growing it yourself very carefully according to the methods of Rudolf Steiner or as depicted in the “Anastasia” series by Vladimir Megre, is still a part of the massively destructive agriculture industry that is in no way ‘vegan’ in practice, as a central harbinger of the extermination of whole eco-systems. The best book I know of on this subject is Lierre Keith’s “The Vegan Myth.” Yes, “eat a carrot and save a cow,” I say – absolutely! That’s how I live (though my taste for goat cheese begs redemption despite my best attempts at contrition).


Bottom line: get the waste out of your cells and tissues. That’s your redemption & regeneration solution! If you eat a few eggs in the process don’t beat yourself up IF you’re using those eggs to upgrade your tissues and organs by cleansing. Plant-based is great if we’re talkin’ leafies and veggies, but not if it’s an excuse to stuff up on nuts and grains, soy and raw-vegan cheesecake day and night.


Cleanse for Success


Think about what you’re aiming for. There’s gunk to get out. All the plant-based initiatives in the world will not do that without the awaken + release formula for success! If you’re full of waste, you’re wasted and wasting away. Please do the truly effective work: cleanse and don’t get sucked up by labels like “vegan” or “raw.” What is your goal? Define it. If it is cleansing, CLEANSE. If it is to be merely plant-based, okay, just know your vibratory result will most likely be underwhelming. Clean-celled is not a theory – it is an experiential fact for those who put the awaken + release formula to task. The evidence is visceral & tangible as so many of you know!


Power forward!


In loving service,



Natalia’s Top 10 Reasons to Drink Green Juice

Natalia’s Top 10 Reasons to Drink Green Juice

It still amazes me when people insist they have a juicer and their ‘juicer’ turns out to be a blender!


Blended substances may have their place, but they will never, ever replace freshly extracted, raw juice! Here’s why:


Natalia’s Top 10 Reasons to Drink Green Juice


  1. Greens are the quintessential primordial food — when you juice greens you are drinking synthesized sunlight, the source of life in our cosmos.


  1. Green juice magnetizes the old waste from deep in the cells and tissues for release, one of two essential steps for real detoxification.


  1. The life-force of the plant is in the liquid. You cannot get the same result from powdered greens, no matter how nutrient packed they are.


  1. One glass of green juice has the life force, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids of several pounds of greens.


  1. There is no digestion needed — the value and qualities of the green juice go straight to the cellular level like an intravenous injection.


  1. Green juice helps to re-mineralize the teeth and bones, which we often forget are living tissue and can be strengthened given the chance.


  1. Green juice will help neutralize acidic substances we consume or are exposed to in our environment.


  1. If coated the following day in green juice, the alkaline substance will help prevent acidic foods from sticking in the intestinal tissue as it would do otherwise. This is why green juice is not optional if there is any acidity in the diet.


  1. Green juice is the color of the heart chakra (LOVE) and carries the frequency of all that implies to every cell it reaches, elevating the body to a more loving state with every sip.


  1. Green juice contains organic water, one of the purest sources of water we have in today’s world where so much of our water supply has been contaminated.


in loving service,





Extreme Green Lemonade

Extreme Green Lemonade



(makes 1-2 servings)




1 head romaine lettuce

1 head celery

1 cucumber

5 to 6 stalks kale (any type)

1-2 whole organic lemons (you don’t have to peel it)

1 to 2 tablespoons fresh ginger (optional)



Process the vegetables through the juicer by admitting one vegetable at a time through the mouth of the juicer.


FROM:  Extremely Green Detox Course

Alkaline Foods Q&A

Alkaline Foods Q&A

Which foods are most alkaline?


Basically there’s a hierarchy of alkalinity. At the top of the food chart is green juice, the greenest juice being wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass and then medicinal greens such as dandelion, watercress – those are all super alkaline. Then you have your dark leafy greens and then green vegetables like romaine, celery, and cucumber.


Why shouldn’t people just drink a huge glass of medicinal greens like pure kale?


If you were totally clean and it wasn’t going to hit any obstruction, you could do it without throwing up but it would still be like, “Whoa.” If you have obstruction and a pure medicinal green juice hits that obstruction, you will feel terrible. Because it’s just so kinetic and so alkaline and it’s going to have a chemical reaction with whatever is sitting in between. But you want to get the benefits of it. So, it’s no reason not to do it, but it’s about doing it by diluting it with the other stuff too.


What comes after raw vegetables?


If we lived in an indigenous place with wild fruits and vegetables, then fruits – in terms of kinetic energy life force and alkalinity – would fall right after green vegetables. But fruits today are hybridized. There is so much sugar in them, they are picked prematurely, and they are in trucks to get here and they’re full of fungus. As our world becomes more acidic, that which springs from our world is more acidic because it’s saturated in acid rain and acidic earth.


We talk about in Detox for Women how a woman is becoming so much more of a home for yeast and fungus. Well, the same things have happened with the fruits. You’ll notice that with every generation of fruits, every season, you’ll find that they are of a lesser quality. It’s the frog in the simmering pot. You don’t notice it, but if we were to flashback to the early eighties and go to a fruit market and taste that fruit, it would be totally different.


in loving service,




A Great Body

A Great Body

Great Body


So you want a great body? A truly great body begins with internally powerful, clear COMMUNICATION! Communication is dependent upon biological INTEGRITY.


Unfortunately, the norms we are directed to live by cause massive, constant interference in our internal communication networks. This results in our bodily integrity deteriorating day by day! Not a great body.


The only way to have a great body (which is firstly a body whose functionality is great – and then the cosmetic appeal will come) is to restore brilliant internal communication processes.


Restoring Communication to the Body


How do you restore communication to the body? You remove that which disrupts the communication of the body. You remove the radiation, mold, parasites, heavy metals, chemical poisons, environmental estrogens which are all stored in the waste matter that you can readily access via the large intestine through correctly administered colonics and enemas (where a clean, largely green vegetable diet is also applied).


From there, greatly reduce any continued intake that would either reintroduce those crass substances listed above to the body or any substances that might be mis-named “food” which only act as food for rogue microbes.


Increase your rest, deep sleep, oxygen intake and peace and you will naturally and effortlessly rise in consciousness as an added benefit to this truly great body you will have!


A truly great body starts with cleansing and comes online when communication and integrity throughout are restored.


1. Start with a daily fresh, raw cold-pressed green vegetable juice (free of fruit-sugar – for example, ask for “no apple”)!


2. Regular monthly colon cleansing (or more frequent intervals, as you progress & experience the results) by a skilled, reputable colon hydrotherapist.


In loving service,



Entropy and Dietetics: Final Installment

Entropy and Dietetics: Final Installment



Next we have all low-starch organically grown vegetables (think everything from tomatoes to Brussels sprouts, parsnip, broccoli, beets, carrots, etc. Many of you are aware and concerned that almost all of our modern vegetables (with the exception of wild greens) are hybridized so we cannot hope to avoid all hybridized vegetables. That debate comes up a lot…to which I say, enjoy them as part of a GREEN-CENTRIC diet with a tissue cleansing lifestyle and you will not have any problem (but you will have lots of pleasure to fuel your long-term commitment, which is what really matters!). Organic lemons are also top of the low-entropy heap. We love them organic lemons!




Fruits are a very tricky category and generally best to avoid at large (with some wriggle room). Here’s what you need to know: inorganically grown, hybridized fruits that are picked before they are ripe are a disaster and super-high-entropy! All our fruits today are way too sugary so they will eat away at the tissue and feed pathogens.


However, organic fruits also have a great deal of sun-power and a whole lot of kinetic energy because of the sun energy and their high-water content so, it’s not the same as eating other sugary foods. I would go very easy on them though if you’re determined to enjoy them and always only on an empty stomach (never with or following other food categories as in for dessert). Eventually, hopefully wild fruits will come back as our world realizes what domestication of plant life does to undermine the intelligence quotient in our food supply. Domestication of plants, animals and humans are all very high-entropy events.


But, at the core (allow the pun) today’s fruits (even the organic variety) are not “original fruit” and should not be treated as the perfect human food that “original fruit” (a.k.a. wild fruit that was available hundreds of years ago) was.


I hope this helps you further connect the dots and gets you ever closer to the ecstatic, inspired, syntropic, super-high frequency life-experience!


in loving service,