You are praying all day long. Your prayer is what your mind and heart are fixed on (your thoughts and feelings ignite creation).
Your consciousness (level of awareness) is what determines how and what you will think and feel.
You can have low level of consciousness or a dysfunctional level of consciousness – both of which will result in destruction as you send out your ‘prayer’ like a signal from your Being every moment (whether you are conscious of it or of what you are thinking or feeling or not).
You are responsible for your consciousness. Increase it and make it functional.
You raise your consciousness when you take the prison bars of all that’s been programmed into your mind & heart off and restore both to clarity.
You make your consciousness functional when you do good with it, reaching toward virtue (not self-righteous virtue but just wholesome, pure thoughts and feelings. I discuss virtue and rising to higher levels of consciousness in detail in The Exalted Life series (a course on my site,
We can either waste our lives puttering around with a low level, dysfunctional consciousness and send out a signal from our Being (which is essentially our magic wand) that brings us the reality associated with that signal or we can transform our consciousness so that our signal from the energy bolt that emits from us (our magic wand’s energy) is aligned and associated with beauty, harmony, strength, peace, appreciation, positivity and goodness.
Consciousness is everything. Ponder that as you work on yours. We can/should always be improving our clarity of consciousness. There is no end point to this unlimited process. But with every degree we improve it, we become/embody the Creator/Source more. This is the way forward.
Btw, nothing going on in the world today or in your personal life can take that process away from you (in fact, the more challenging the playing field, the more progress you can make once you work out the process).
We are not living in hard times. We are living in conditions that provide us an opportunity to develop our consciousness and thereby discover what we truly are. ❤️