The World of the Matrix


There’s a reason I don’t just talk about clean diet and give beauty & health tips. There’s a reason I harp on about the Matrix. The former would only enable you to be more comfortable in the world of the Matrix. It won’t get you out of the Matrix. And believe me, you definitely want out. You want out even if you don’t grasp it yet.


The reason I take these leaps to explain the Matrix-construct with you is because I want you to be truly free.


Natural Law of Mentalism


Without comprehending the Natural Law of Mentalism and how you’ve grown up in that sticky mind-web and actually con-formed with it, (grew into its shape), you will never know what you truly are any more than that dragonfly can know itself when trapped in the spider web. Hence the Delphic maxim: “First, know thyself.” This aphorism means nothing if you do not know what keeps you from knowing your true nature in the first place.


The Divine Mind


I know that to many of you it may sound like I’ve lost my mind. Yet, what happens when you ‘drop’ the Matrix-mind is you regain the light of mind intended for you – the Divine Mind.


I believe this is what Christ meant by needing to lose one’s life in order to gain it. We have to lose the false in order to regain the real. But it takes shining a great deal of light on the false to see that it is false when the false is instilled and installed in us as the real. The cognitive dissonance can be agonizing as one breaks free. In this way, perhaps think of it as birth pains. The pain, the struggle of restoring one’s mind has a great purpose if it is seen through. But, many who attempt it get sucked back in again.


I am also reminded of the passages in the Gospel where Jesus told his disciples, “I will make you fishers of men.” I believe he may have been referring to ‘fishing’ wo/men out of the Matrix construct, restoring them to their connection to Christ consciousness: the way, the truth and the light.


Some of you are utterly primed for dissolving the Matrix construct, despite the work it requires to bypass the natural cognitive dissonance and restore your natural state consciousness. Some of you cannot presently think beyond the Matrix consciousness. That’s okay. I do believe we will all successfully exit. I think the ones who are actively doing so will make the way clear for the rest. We will lift up and out as a human-unit. No one will be left behind.


Just remember, LIFE from the Creator is perfect and beautiful. It’s the Matrix that is filthy, as I explained in the last installment.


There is *Nature/Earth/Life and there is *the World. They are not the same thing. Let’s never confuse the two. Life is not the world. The world is the Matrix. The ‘Matrix-world’ is the ‘False Mother,’ or “Mother Culture,” as Daniel Quinn explains it in his classic book “Ishmael.” If you haven’t read it, definitely start there. Up & out!


in loving service,


Natalia Rose