Decadence Unveiled:


I know who you are


I know why you came


It’s either out of your vanity or out of your shame


You wish to pose and show all your wares


You, me and ‘the ghost’ know there’s no soul left in there


But, go on inside, after all, you’ve arrived


Like Hotel California, pink champagne is on ice


Do come in, imbibe and consume


The Master’s chambers, you’ll find, are brimming with tunes


As you smile at your host and wish him great cheer


Devil knows what’s really brought you here


I’ve observed and even tried to admire you


But could find nothing but liars in the lot of you


In the end you sided with fear, with vanity, materiality


Wasted the dear, sanity, philanthropy


I don’t, for the record, place myself above you


I do hope somehow you might come to love you


And when you do, you’ll see it all as a sham


And perhaps you’ll understand why I am as I am.



-Natalia Rose