Cleansing Social Conditioning


Cleansing your being requires cleansing Social Engineering (Conditioning) from your being. This is critical to your success & not easily done. Let’s take a look at why it is so important and why you must put the weight of your focus behind it.


You may not be familiar with the term, so please allow me to define it. Social engineering, not to be confused with “genetic engineering” is an attempt at manipulating people’s thinking and customs in order to regulate and deliberately shape the future development of a society. If it’s done well, the attempt is successful. And unfortunately for us it has been done all too well (more importantly it continues to be done well with more and more dangerous ideologies being added to the formula). We must ask ourselves where these ideologies shaping our society are leading our opinions and beliefs (without our conscious awareness but with our widespread hypnotic acceptance).


The Mechanics of Social Conditioning


Here’s how it works. New ideas are drip fed into entertainment, fashion, news media, etc., shaping public opinion. All of a sudden this drip feed turns into an automatically accepted new norm. The new norms and trends toward future norms are easily identifiable. Here are just a few examples: widespread use of expletives as every day language, extreme violence and extreme explicit sexuality (often violent) throughout all forms of media (film, tv, news, music, video games, written publications), perpetual EMF waves and the constant use of smart phones & wearing of smart devices, rampant physical manipulation through excessive elective plastic surgery and self-focused life (selfie-culture). A few examples of socially engineered trends that are presently lined up to become new popular norms in the very near future: Trans-humanism, transgender children, microchipping and romantic relationships with robots.


Reluctant Submission


Humans haven’t changed and our natural instincts to be repelled by these things has not changed. But social engineering has tampered with our unconscious mind bringing about a kind of reluctant submission to them. In other words, it’s convinced people it is all okay — to just ‘go with it.’ Now, much as I might be inclined to, I’m not making a moral call here. I have a different point I’m trying to make: that true cleansing requires removing the influence of social engineering.


Authenticity Pushed Out


We have been molded and hypnotized, directed and implanted with ideas which are not our own. Our minds, our cells, our neurological pathways and energy fields have been so saturated with the campaigns of Social Engineering that we have no room for authenticity, no room for true humanity. We are filled to the brim with this Social Engineering and all the colonics, green juices, yoga poses, meditation and fasting will not cleanse that until we get serious about removing the influences of social engineering.


We cleanse the body to bring more consciousness in. Higher Consciousness and Social Engineering are incompatible with one another. So that feeling you have that something is missing, that something is wrong is correct! And that something is Social Engineering and the nefarious forces that would like to keep us locked into their plan to dehumanize us, unravel our being until we are entirely dependent slaves.


Once we identify what’s happening, we can stop it & reverse it. Then, Higher Consciousness can resume its rightful place, quickening your body, heart, mind and energy field with the power of Living Spirit.


You see, Social Engineering is ripping apart your life network and trying to replace it with a death network. I am interested in dismantling the death network and restoring your Life network. Like liberated lions, we will emerge and be restored to our true habitat which will in turn restore us.