Soul Force


S.F. stands for Soul Force. Now, we know these are unprecedented times, but one thing is sure, your life’s achievements are not what is accomplished in the classroom, in the boardroom, in social circles or in any aspect of our cultural directives or expectations.


Whatever happens, the success or failure of your life depends upon your Soul-Force. Your job right now is to get right with your Soul. If you fall into drama, you lose. If you fall prey to fear, you lose. You can lose your life and still win if you display courage, honor, integrity and love.


This life is precious, yes, in a sense it is. But it is not the most precious. More precious by far is your Soul which transcends lifetimes in physical form and which must take precedence.


Don’t fear for the loss of this life. Place your Soul far above this passage through form. Get right with your Soul and stay there. It will take work. But everything else in life is out of one’s control and pure folly to try to preserve. Do your best to have a body that will withstand pathogens but focus on that far higher calling, preserving, protecting and nobly defending what you truly are: your Soul-Force. Focus on that and you’ll have succeeded, no matter what the earthly outcome.


in loving service,