A Great Body

A Great Body

Great Body


So you want a great body? A truly great body begins with internally powerful, clear COMMUNICATION! Communication is dependent upon biological INTEGRITY.


Unfortunately, the norms we are directed to live by cause massive, constant interference in our internal communication networks. This results in our bodily integrity deteriorating day by day! Not a great body.


The only way to have a great body (which is firstly a body whose functionality is great – and then the cosmetic appeal will come) is to restore brilliant internal communication processes.


Restoring Communication to the Body


How do you restore communication to the body? You remove that which disrupts the communication of the body. You remove the radiation, mold, parasites, heavy metals, chemical poisons, environmental estrogens which are all stored in the waste matter that you can readily access via the large intestine through correctly administered colonics and enemas (where a clean, largely green vegetable diet is also applied).


From there, greatly reduce any continued intake that would either reintroduce those crass substances listed above to the body or any substances that might be mis-named “food” which only act as food for rogue microbes.


Increase your rest, deep sleep, oxygen intake and peace and you will naturally and effortlessly rise in consciousness as an added benefit to this truly great body you will have!


A truly great body starts with cleansing and comes online when communication and integrity throughout are restored.


1. Start with a daily fresh, raw cold-pressed green vegetable juice (free of fruit-sugar – for example, ask for “no apple”)!


2. Regular monthly colon cleansing (or more frequent intervals, as you progress & experience the results) by a skilled, reputable colon hydrotherapist.


In loving service,



Health Made Ultra Simple

Health Made Ultra Simple

A Simple Truth to Save Your Life


The health & wellness field has been so erroneously over-complicated, sending people unnecessarily – but coerced through effective marketing – in countless directions that promise to fix their symptoms and illnesses.


Here’s the simple story: There are good light bearing microbes (this means they are full of light, aka intelligence/know-how) and there are rogue microbes which are either scrambled intelligence or decomposers (and sometimes both). There will and naturally should be a certain quantity of rogue microbes in the healthiest body. A contingent of cancer cells, pathogenic bacteria and even some fungus keeps the life-generating/high Intel-coded microbes fit and evolving (kind of like a sparring partner).


But if/when this balance goes from the healthy distribution of about 85% life-force ‘know-how’ microbes to about 15% harbingers-of-chaos/life-destructive microbes to a higher component of the latter, an otherwise strong, healthy being falls to ruin. And once a critical mass of destructive microbes or decomposers is reached, a systematic take-down is set in motion that can only be turned around by intense remediation of the cause behind the take down: namely the restoration to the needed ratio of the life generators to the rogue entities.


The body is SO strong when its microbial life is sound. It is SO weak once a takeover occurs. It spirals out negatively affecting every bodily system to some degree. So don’t waste time with any so-called health application that is not directly correcting your microbial biome. It’s true that the term “microbe” means “small life” (from the combined Greek words “mikos” and “bios”) but in those tiny life forms reside all the BIG Intel from the Creator whose messages and actions are either going to be delivered or instead intercepted/silenced/distorted or drowned out by a mission of what can only be called the “anti-creator.”


You don’t need a dozen lab tests to know the state of your microbes ratio. You know from your symptoms and by knowing your history of antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs and diet. If you’ve created the conditions for a thriving state of life-generating microbial life by keeping your body’s systems internally clean and surrounded by an oxygen rich environment then you’ll have an ideal balance. If you have not, then you’ll have a situation where the power has gone the other way and you’re governed by a less favorable order of things. Either way, it’s a simple formula that you can address without anything more complicated than a juicer, organic vegetables and water up the wazu!


In loving service,



The Enlightener

The Enlightener

The Enlightener


Believe it or not, I resist boasting too much about The Enlightener because frankly we have to screen those who receive it very carefully and then they are hand-held through the set up. Each Enlightener client’s success is closely monitored by me personally. This ensures the customer has a brilliant experience with it. But my schedule can only handle so many sales per month. However, I feel the need to boast here – well, maybe not to boast but to make an important connection vis a vis The Enlightener.


Anyone who follows health & wellness closely knows there are extreme environmental factors acting upon us in modern times which are only escalating hugely: environmental chemical toxins like glyphosates, plastics, BPA’s, environmental estrogens, heavy metals like mercury and lead, mold, pathogens like the Borrelia found in Lyme and the ‘happy munchers’ of all these things, PARASITES.


The interaction of this toxic soup is the reason everyone is becoming exponentially sicker and weaker by the day. HOWEVER, these substances lodge in the waste matter in your colon and in the tissues throughout your body (and brain). And what those who truly wish to heal truly need to grasp is this: by moving the waste out of the body consistently via thorough colon cleansing and thereby creating a vacuum in the large intestine to draw the waste deeper in the tissues into the center of the consistently emptying large intestine, the waste with all those chemicals, metals, disruptors, mold and parasites gets extracted from the whole body! It’s a silver bullet solution that unequivocally trumps any method of removing these agents attempted without extensive colon cleansing.


I see all these health practitioners academically addressing the perils of the environmental poisons and parasites. Some apply aggressive herbs and even a few enemas here and there and yes, some parasites come whizzing out and some degree of healing often results.


And that’s all good. But it’s not great!


It’s a way to some improvements, but their patients and clients are still battling with symptoms and illnesses after these protocols because at its very best it’s killing and chelating a bunch of parasites and toxic garbage but it’s a puddle by comparison to the ocean of waste & toxic substances/parasites that are actually in the person’s body. The ‘ocean of waste’ can only be removed by consistent, thorough colon cleansing (several times a week for chronic illness, not once every so often).


Furthermore, there’s the time-delay agony: it would take 4 months to do with parasite exterminators and natural binding agents what it could take 4 days to do with these tools coupled with The Enlightener (or daily visits to your trusted local colon hydrotherapist).


Never forget this: all success in healing the biological terrain is directly related to the quantity of waste removal. Without thorough colon cleansing it takes far too long and the results are far too limited.


Those who have first-hand experience with the extent of colon cleansing necessarily know this and will corroborate it.


What’s more, the complications of all the academic detail around what supplements are needed to support the process can be disbanded. You don’t need quantities of parasite support supplements when you simply awaken the waste through the tried-and-true dietetic protocol and release that waste in equal measure!


Yes, I’m a big fan of taking a strong herbal parasite -eviscerating blend with artemisinin, black walnut hull, clove and mimosa pudica (or some variety like this). But then it is for the colon to be expertly expelled of the drawn-up waste so it can all come out and create that miraculous vacuum enabling you to release more toxicity more deeply every time.


The proof is in the results. Your health, beauty & vitality will always be directly equal to the quantity of waste you remove.


One more time: The environmental garbage is in the waste and the waste is embedded throughout your whole body. Start removing it and all those ‘bad boys’ will come out with it!


This is why The Enlightener is the silver-bullet, comprehensive solution. You can use it as much as you like based on what you know you need.


It’s in your body until The Enlightener is in your hands! And then your body can be free of it – in record time!


In loving service,



Butter, Cream, and Negative Fasting Experience

Butter, Cream, and Negative Fasting Experience (January 25, 2010)

Q: Rachelle writes, “Where do (organic) butter and cream belong?  Can I use a little butter on my sweet potato or a bit of cream in my tea or do I need to keep them in the flesh combo?”

We are able to include butter and heavy cream, which should certainly be used sparingly, because they do not contain large amounts of casein, the animal protein that sticks like glue in the intestines. Because butter is really a fat, and not a protein, it can be used with both starch and protein meals and can definitely be enjoyed on a baked sweet potato or yam.  Heavy cream should really be used with a protein meal except for the very beginning transitioner.  Add a small amount to your blended Cream of Broccoli Soup, or a tiny dollop in your Detox Hot Cocoa (made with hot water, stevia, and cocoa and carob powder). Use these fats in moderation for their flavor (like spices), not to add density to a meal.

Rande writes, “I did a 5 day juice fast recently and did not lose any weight (and I definitely have at least 10-15 lbs that haven’t wanted to go anywhere). I had 2 gravity colonics and a solid bowel movement each day of the fast. I was drinking quite a lot of juice and did feel like I was hanging onto a lot of water. I was very frustrated after this and my diet was definitely not as good for a couple of months afterwards It has been weighing on me heavily as I feel like I’ve been working very hard and stuck at a plateau.”

Thank you for your question, Rande. Actually, a low weight loss fast often means you’re really getting somewhere! First, check the fast for hidden factors. Juices should be vegetable and not fruit-based, and adding “extras” like coconut water and salty veggie broth will keep your body holding.

If your juices are fresh and veggie-based, and you are supplementing them only with tea and water, the answer must be in you. And if you’ve really been working the diet, eating cleanly, keeping the body moving, and processing emotional situations well you may just be at the perfect place for your body for right now. Kudos (or rather, carrots) to you! You may also have hydrated a large amount of waste (picture a dried sponge that’s now filled with water) which hasn’t moved yet. It will, and you’ve done the work of starting it’s process up and out. It doesn’t mean that this is the farthest your body will contract, or that you’re at your detox end-point by any means. But it means that you’ve been doing really good work, and that your body wants to stay where it is size/weight-wise right now.</span>

Believe me, I know how hard this can be to accept. We all battle with this at times. But detoxification means your body is releasing stored toxins from many places, not just fatty deposits. It knows best, and you can trust that as you continue the process it will continue to morph and change. The detox process is happening, and changing you dramatically, it just might not be apparent in the places you’re looking.  I’ve seen cellulite diminish before pant size, or hair grow in thicker and shinier before the scale budges. Or there might be nothing you can see, but instead something you can feel. I understand frustration, I promise. Hang in there, and your body will find its center.



Marie writes, “I stopped taking the pill a little over a year ago, and started the Detox4Women meal plan. I have only gotten my period once since then. I’m a little worried. Why is this? And when will it return? My husband and I want to start trying to get pregnant.”

There are several parts to answering this question. First, I want to address oral contraceptives, as well as all hormone-based contraceptives (rings, shots, etc. I am keeping pharmaceutical brand names out of this). I do not wish to contradict medical advise, I am not a doctor. However, my experience with many many women dealing with the same issue is that after stopping a hormone-based contraceptive, the menstrual cycle can take a long time to return to normal. I have seen it take over two years. My own cycle took even longer to return to normal after stopping the pill, and this was even before I began to cleanse and work with Natalia. After only a few months, most medical professionals will recommend that you get back on some form of birth control to bring your period back. This decision is at your discretion, I only ask that you make an educated and informed decision. This is a fact: almost all of my clients who stop the pill while cleansing do not see a full return to normal menstruation for at least one year.

Secondly, I’d like to address what is really happening in our bodies when we menstruate. Yes, it’s the body preparing a womb for a potential fertilized egg as we’ve been taught. But there is a second component. Our bodies are storing toxins in menstrual fluids so that they will be kept away from our baby. The release of blood-like fluids every month is a powerful detox! The body stores the toxins so they cannot interfere with pregnancy, and then releases them when no egg is fertilized. Men should be so lucky! This is a detoxifying monthly function that is specific only to the female body, and is a great aid in mobilizing toxics we ingest and encounter through poor air quality, compromised water, etc. However, this is why periods have become such a trial for us. They are starting in younger and younger girls, lasting for up to eight days, smelling strongly, and are accompanied by intense emotions and cramping. This is the result of our toxic load! We can look forward to shorter, lighter, cleaner, and less emotional visits from Aunt Flo as our bodies become cleaner. It is sometimes said that a perfectly clean body will menstruate without a fluid release (read: no toxins were stored for removal). I’m not sure this is possible in the modern world, but it illustrates the profound change that comes with cellular cleansing.

The third issue in this question is the effect of the cleansing program itself on the female cycle. Just like every other system in our bodies, the reproductive system is profoundly effected by our toxic load. All of you out there who struggle with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, PMDD, uteran fibroids, etc understand better than anyone. As we begin to awaken and release toxic matter, these systems will slowly start to reset, and regulate themselves without the influence of bacteria, carbonic gas, yeasts and fungus, environmental estrogens, and not to mention the influx of animal-sized doses of hormones that make up the biomass of conventional meats (and dairy). This is not an overnight process. But please rest assured, a clean body can perfectly regulate every system better than we could ever have dreamed. Patience, and progress. Keep moving forward knowing you are doing the absolute best thing for your reproductive system, and that all of the issues you experience will come out in the wash (literally!).

You need to know that this detoxifying regime will never harm your body’s cycles, but will only help them to become perfectly regulated. You also must throw out any timeframe you have put upon your process. We have the stored toxins of our lifetime, combined with the damages of generations of accumulation on our lineage. I would never make a 6 month, yearlong, or even five year promise to you. Some of these things run dark and deep. Perseverance and trust are what you need now, not false timelines to keep you motivated with baseless information. You know this intuitively. Think about all that we have dome to this planet, reflected in our poor bodies. Could you fix the problem with a 10 day juice fast? Never. It’s time to set aside your panic and deadlines, and fall in love with the process. The promise I will make is this: If you are cleansing your body you are walking in the right direction and taking the only possible steps towards restoring your body to the vitality it deserves.

Natalia has said what I am about to say before, and please forgive me if I am not as delicate as I could be with these issues. I have deepest empathy for all of us. Reproductive issues are the result of a failing planet. We are a true reflection of the clogged and poisoned waterways, the smog, and the deforestation. We cannot escape the damages we continue to do to fragile ecosystems, and fragile reproductive systems. This is the mess we have made: many men and women have become so toxic that their bodies decline to produce viable offspring. Men have testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and erectile disfunction. Women have ovarian cysts, uterine tumors, and devastating monthly cycles. These are the facts, and the only right step we can now take is the start to clean up what we’ve done. We have all played a part in this destruction, and now we have a chance to be heroes to the generations to come. Keep this in mind as you’re cleansing. The female and male reproductive organs press directly against our over-worked, impacted, clogged colons and intestines. What more evidence do you need?

Last, I just want to give a nod to the importance of pre-conception cleansing. If you can give your son or daughter a clean nine-month home, clean breast milk, and superior DNA blueprints that come with this lifestyle of cellular cleansing, you are already winning parenting awards. There is no greater gift.