Coming Clean: My Sunday Morning Sermon

Coming Clean: My Sunday Morning Sermon

If you think it’s hard cleaning the grout in your shower (where soap and water flow no less), imagine what’s in your intestine and saturated throughout your organs & tissues organism-wide.
Like all of its owners, I echo, we would not want to live without an Enlightener!
When you clean your home and know what it takes to keep life clean, you learn profound truths about the body and what accrues over decades of consumption.
Everything needs cleaning & washing. Your body is more your home than is your external dwelling place!
See how your life & life experience transform when you cleanse deeply & consistently.
It’s only as intimidating as cleaning your own home. I get it, that can be saying a lot for some of you, I know, lol! But let’s get started together. I’ll put my gloves on with you and scrub by your side giving you all my 22 years of tips, tricks & support!
Get ready to ring with life force, strength, beauty & inexplicable bliss! Let’s clean ‘house!’ 👊🌟🧼❤️
A Sweaty Analogy

A Sweaty Analogy

You know how a thick, juicy sweat will dry on your body within minutes after a serious workout if you don’t jump in the shower pretty immediately? Well, that is what the waste you awaken, if you’re merely eating a highly raw, green-centric diet without following it up with consistent colon irrigation, will do; it will resettle back into your tissues.
It’s pointless to awaken waste and not release it. It resettles over a few days and then either you bake it back into your tissues or you keep awakening and reabsorbing the same waste if you persist with it.
Smart to awaken! Not smart to fail to release/remove what you’ve awakened.
It so happens, I took this photo (of a photo) at the gym at Le Fontainebleau after a big, sweaty workout.
I would never sweat and not shower nor would I ever awaken and not release/remove.
The water most people think they need to be guzzling needs to be sent in (or rather up!) the other way.
Your face is a mirror of your colon. Pretty much everything in you, on you and flowing through you (emotions and thoughts included) are a mirror of your colon. I hereby invite you to the fine art of un-stuffing yourself! 💩🪄😉 
A Restoration of Fortune

A Restoration of Fortune

So to dove-tail off the last point about the immense value of our intrinsic (too oft’ largely leaking personal reserves of Source-conducting, golden-power), the question is: what would you do to restore your siphoned, drained, leached power?
Next, let me ask you this: do you see the connection between the chlorophyll in greens from synthesized sunlight and Source energy/power and the inhibiting draining effect of foods common to modern culture and how they obstruct any chance of conducting Source-power flowing through you (and thereby cause it to get stuck and the channels carrying it to grow defunct and die)?
What if you could open those conducting channels back up again and thereby call Source-power back into your being again simply by removing those obstructions as you put Source-charged foods link chlorophyll-rich foods into your body instead?
What if this would switch you back on?! Would you do it if you knew it would work? If you knew that you could have that kind of power within you and move through life with uncommon ease, grace, sovereignty, predictably perfect health and skyrocketing creativity?
What makes me one part sad-one part inspired every day is the fact that on the one hand, most people do not know anything about the things I talk about and go about their lives feeling hopeless, their power constantly dwindling, and on the other hand, this is all totally real and it works and no one has to be stuck and on that life-defeated trajectory if they apply it properly.
Your power can be restored…but not through hope alone: through the right knowledge and the right application of that knowledge.
Don’t think spiritual power is separate from physical power or vice versa. They are one. We are not designed to get old and die this way. People are just interrupted, hijacked, clogged up and stuffed up: body, heart & mental field with obstruction and they accept their habits and limitations that keep compounding the problem.
I’ll keep beating the drum for those who want to be free and fly. 🥁 🦅 💫
There is another way. You can get out of the mad error and set your body, heart & mind free! I’m here to pass it along to anyone who’s ready. ❤️ 
Developing your consciousness

Developing your consciousness

You are praying all day long. Your prayer is what your mind and heart are fixed on (your thoughts and feelings ignite creation).
Your consciousness (level of awareness) is what determines how and what you will think and feel.
You can have low level of consciousness or a dysfunctional level of consciousness – both of which will result in destruction as you send out your ‘prayer’ like a signal from your Being every moment (whether you are conscious of it or of what you are thinking or feeling or not).
You are responsible for your consciousness. Increase it and make it functional.
You raise your consciousness when you take the prison bars of all that’s been programmed into your mind & heart off and restore both to clarity.
You make your consciousness functional when you do good with it, reaching toward virtue (not self-righteous virtue but just wholesome, pure thoughts and feelings. I discuss virtue and rising to higher levels of consciousness in detail in The Exalted Life series (a course on my site,
We can either waste our lives puttering around with a low level, dysfunctional consciousness and send out a signal from our Being (which is essentially our magic wand) that brings us the reality associated with that signal or we can transform our consciousness so that our signal from the energy bolt that emits from us (our magic wand’s energy) is aligned and associated with beauty, harmony, strength, peace, appreciation, positivity and goodness.
Consciousness is everything. Ponder that as you work on yours. We can/should always be improving our clarity of consciousness. There is no end point to this unlimited process. But with every degree we improve it, we become/embody the Creator/Source more. This is the way forward.
Btw, nothing going on in the world today or in your personal life can take that process away from you (in fact, the more challenging the playing field, the more progress you can make once you work out the process).
We are not living in hard times. We are living in conditions that provide us an opportunity to develop our consciousness and thereby discover what we truly are. ❤️
Happy home, happy heart

Happy home, happy heart

I’m getting lots of questions about my housekeeping formula.
Firstly, my tool of choice is the spray bottle. I am the wacky spray bottle lady, spraying and spritzing – it’s quick and effective (and actually rather fun too – especially if you sing while doing it!).
I use a base of organic liquid soap – could be Dr. Bronner’s, Meyer’s, Seventh Generation…it doesn’t really matter which, as long as it’s non-toxic. I add a few ounces of 3% hydrogen peroxide and an ounce or so of pure essential oil of eucalyptus and/or peppermint and if I have sodium bicarbonate, I’ll add a few tablespoons of that. It’s like that recipe where you just shoot from the hip – a little bit of this, a dash of that… and voila! But don’t go using H2O2 on anything you would be concerned might fade, like on colored paint or wooden surfaces. It’s a low concentration, but still…. that would be a concern. I don’t have any such surfaces in my current home so I just use this concoction everywhere. It’s also fabulous on grout in the shower! Spray! Spritz! Pow! And you’re cleaning like a champ! You’re doing it and it’s looking great, smelling great and feeling great!
I like to create a range of spray bottles at home, each with different essential oils – one with essential oil of lemon, lime and or orange, one with geranium, ylang ylang and geranium or jasmine, even one with ginger and basil. It can be as diverse or as basic as you like. Remember, all the essential oils kill germs and raise the frequency of the space.
How pure and beautiful, fresh and deeply enjoyable can you make your spaces – with nothing else but cleaning with high vibe substances? This is the future of the new ‘good life!’
Now, I’ll give you an added challenge. America is the land of consumption, so we are all wired for buying way more than is even good for us (and let’s seriously consider the planet!). Before buying anything new, focus on taking extra good care of what you have. This is the way forward (for a zillion reasons). Buy almost nothing (just the necessary groceries and your cleaning products) and then get rid of/give away anything and everything superfluous. From there, start really taking care of what you have. It will make you feel amazing, I promise!
This is the way of the future! Soon maybe we’ll even start darning our socks again!
It’s funny, too, I’ve lived in a tiny space with a whole family as well as in a sprawling, 7-bedroom home and the fact is that we were the happiest as a family when we were five souls in our 1,500-square-foot, 2.5-bedroom apartment in NYC.
Living in what could easily be called the most gobsmackingly gorgeous neighborhood in the world, among jaw-droppingly spectacular homes, I truly would not want to maintain any one of them. They are stunning to look at – they are true works of art – old, American beach palaces. But, at this stage in my life, I really appreciate the value of only having what I can personally, comfortably look after myself. It’s fun to have a small place I can keep immaculate and bright with high-vibration energy all on my own.
It’s different when one has a big family under one roof which is no longer the case for me. But, having been there, I will say that it can be a cruel situation for a mother if there is not a sense of true collective contribution to housework. I’ve heard families like contribute collectively to the housework do actually exist but I have never actually seen one in real life.
So, to me, it’s still a legend… like a unicorn or a fairy.
The man in my life tells me that his family operated that way when he was growing up in Norway – and I believe him because he is always lending a hand and asking what he can do, which is incredibly refreshing. But the burden in our American culture typically falls to the mother and It’s just way, way, WAY too much work! This is why I capitulated to the extra help that was eventually offered to me and do not recommend taking a household on oneself – rather, consider enforcing collective contributing by all members. Otherwise, kids become spoiled and the poor mother becomes worn down, short-tempered, stressed and resentful (or she just swigs on the bottle and let’s the house go to pot). The problem is always that, aside from very small children, everyone should clean up after themselves but in our culture we are lulled into being quick to consume and mess things up and then try to dodge the consequences.
When we think of the body we are looking at a mirror of consequences. If we consider that there is a price to be paid for every indulgence, then we might at least take responsibility for the constant indulgences. But very few people do that. Instead the body is treated like a loan account. There is a great deal of expenditure and very little paying up, with lots of borrowing against the indulgences. A home is no different when full of people who will gladly let others clean up after them.
So many people who have lofty aims of doing something great for the world, making an impact, saving the planet cannot even clean up after themselves – their bedroom, their kitchen, their car, their desk, let alone their internal physical systems. Imagine the positive impact on the world by simply cleaning up after oneself and keeping one’s own life tidy?!
I live a very minimalistic life now because I can now! I no longer have to compromise – I don’t even have to compromise about what goes into my kitchen like I used to which really bothered me. I no longer have to have any form of meat or milk or mainstream anything in the sanctuary of my space.
What is your hierarchy of needs for you space? For me it was to be flooded with sunshine and surrounded with a natural landscape that inspired me. I longed for bright, simple, minimalism with an inspiring view. Now that I have it, I will maintain it and keep raising the vibe on it!
Happy high-vibe housekeeping 🧼😉💪💫🍋
Clean up after yourself

Clean up after yourself

Something you might not know about me: I clean my own home. That’s not such an unusual thing by U.S. standards, but it really is by South African standards. After moving into my own place after getting divorced last year, I realized: 1.) I really didn’t want anyone in my space cleaning because I wanted to be by myself, and, 2.) I was capable of keeping house quite nicely myself. I’m a Grade-A housekeeper!

I know my SA friends are gasping right now. To that I say, “You don’t know what you’re missing!” In my ‘previous life’ we had a houseman, housekeeper, several gardeners and even a person exclusively dedicated to the laundry…and a chef and an au pair, not counting the chef who’d come in for dinner parties and the weekend au pair. This was not the case in the U.S. but it became the norm in my 7+ years in SA.

So it’s quite funny to me now that I don’t have any help – but SO refreshing!

Have you cleaned up after yourself lately? Regularly? Do you know how much time it takes to clean even a two-bedroom apartment? Floors, laundry, kitchen, bathrooms, garbage out, recycling, sheets washed and fresh, counters clean and shiny, drawers organized? Don’t forget to clean the refrigerator and put those fresh groceries away before you juice and clean the juicer!

You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?

Yes, the body… when you know what it takes to keep a home clean, you can begin to appreciate what it takes to keep your body clean. Your mouth is the kitchen, your body is the laundry, your colon cleansing is the bathroom and the garbage and the only way you’re going to have fresh sheets (ahem, tissues)!

I do feel an affinity for cats sometimes… they spend their days cleaning themselves, sunning themselves and sleeping, eating periodically without drawing too much attention to these satisfying intermissions. I do think I understand cats very well. This is why they purr, they hum. I also like hummingbirds and bees, which also hum and buzz. There is a topography that does this – a rainforest, for example. A rainforest has lots of water, that’s why it buzzes with life! …kind of like how you hum with life when you are well irrigated!

What do cats and rainforests have in common? Lots of water – by way of self-cleaning and rainfall respectively. This too is what my home and my body (and my dedicated clients’ bodies) have in common! Irrigation cleaning through the soap of alkalinity (green juices) and the water that removes the waste/rubbish/that which really needs to be removed. Cats, rainforests, bees, hummingbirds, rainforests, my apartment and my body – we ‘get’ natural law and we buzz with cleanliness because of it.

You know what’s funny about having a really clean home? You can have an unmade bed sometimes. Today, I left my bed unmade (shock, I know). But my house was so clean. The energy felt so good and I was running late. The unmade bed took nothing away from the pristine feeling in the inspiring space.

I thought about how sometimes I love a bite of real ice cream after a great dinner out or how I get away with a couple of glasses of a great red wine. You know what the secret is? The secret is that a clean body can do that with no unfavorable repercussions; just like a clean house can have an unmade bed… just like a really pure-hearted person can throw out a swear word every now and then and there’s absolutely no change to their vibratory field or the admiration held for them.

When things are clean there’s lots of space to play by your own rules!

The moral of the story: clean up after yourself. It pays dividends! ❤️

Photo credit: Winston Kletter Photography