Love, NOW!

Love, NOW!

It’s Time!


Let us, at long last, use this vast, global network of connected human hearts for something of unprecedented proportions. I propose we stage the biggest coup in human history to instantly and irrevocably thwart/dissolve war, greed, and perversion in a single day (possibly in less time).


Here’s how: We, the Beautiful, Loving humans that We Truly Are, radiate a state of fully conscious-love so overflowing from our omnipotent, co-resonant hearts that the collective power of our Love-Force eviscerates the vile, controlling forces (we have been enslaved by for so long) to the dust bins of history.


The Window is Now!


The power of love in us is SO strong and WE are SO MANY. If we all unite with one heart in the deepest compassion and unifying love, the dark forces will have to disintegrate.


It’s our choice. It’s been our choice all along! While we still have some threads of Free Will left and this narrowing window of opportunity, before we are irretrievably enslaved, our brains fried by 5-G, our innocence lost by compliance with insanity, while we still have this historic opportunity in our grasp, let us focus with all our might on the most vital properties of love: compassion, understanding & forgiveness. This love is not personal. We must release the tendencies toward the personal. We must collectively sync up with the highest expression of love we can muster up to melt the steel bars of our hellish prisons. The group power creates exponential effects. We Are Powerful Together In Love!


Only Love, No Matter What! Nothing Could Be More Important!


Let’s do this right now! Let us move as ONE human Family Unit with One Emotion this week… Love!


Let us set our hearts on pure compassionate love for one full week – one moment, one hour, one day at a time. If we don’t, we may not recover. Starting Right Now! Who’s In?!


In loving service,




Unsure if SHINE! MasterMind is for you? Watch!

SHINE! MasterMind

We are SO thrilled to announce the launch of the biggest NRI transformation event yet!


The SHINE! MasterMind will launch live on Saturday, October 23, 2021 in New York City (and virtually for our global audience), then carry on entirely virtually for three consecutive months, to bring about a full transformation!


Best of all, the MasterMind will take place over the most challenging period of the year, covering you through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s! This way you start out 2022 already feeling strong, healthy, and empowered!


The SHINE! MasterMind will focus on the four deeply interconnected core components of our being: our body, heart, mind, and soul.


  1. Body: We will work to remove all of the obstructions and accumulated waste from your body so you can lose any and all excess weight, restore balance to your hormones and all physical systems, and remediate your symptoms and illnesses.


  1. Heart: Together we will strive to eliminate a lifetime’s worth of accumulated negative energy in your heart center, enabling a higher octave of energy to reside in that sacred space.


  1. Mind: We will purify your mind field of accumulated waste from the world’s influences


  1. Soul: Side by side we will endeavor to reverse the trend of disruptors diminishing our soul-radiance quotient.


SHINE! MasterMind incudes 8 live Zoom Sessions, 6 audio recordings, and 24/7 access to our online community!


Find out more info here


Register by Oct 22 for Early Reg Discount!


Hope to see you there!


in loving service,



Becoming  Your Own Surgeon

Becoming Your Own Surgeon

Benefits of Cleansing Your Cells


When you cleanse your cells and tissues, you become your own surgeon. The removal of the interloping blockages triggers a great re-knitting of the tissues to occur — something science only dreams of as it attempts to mimic such life-generating phenomena. At the very least, science has to go to great lengths to achieve something with entropic tissue that Life achieves with healthy tissue as naturally as breathing. (At worst, science has to apply immoral tactics to do so). So why not just remediate the tissue so Life can work its natural magic? (Ah, because that would entail discipline and lifestyle change).


Life is, by definition, regenerative. Only death/entropy requires questionable, convoluted, complicated apparatus. Again, for what? To mimic what Life does effortlessly on its own under the right conditions! Radiance, strength, purity, clarity, creativity, effortlessness. These are the fruits of your inner surgeon’s discipline & focus. It can take many days and hours in the operating theater. But there is great work being done — divine suturing, transcendent transplants, ineffable transfusions & cosmetic miracles.


Tip: It’s time, once and for all, to get over what the ‘beast’ in you wants to consume. Get over your lower impulses. They will just take you lower and lower. Find a way to love your greens. They are your “soap.”


Overcome Cravings and Impulses


Get over this idea that you are entitled to be satisfied all the time. Instead, try on the power of a bit of sacrifice. It’s healthy and wholesome to rise above knee-jerk desires. Don’t trust all those cravings that you are otherwise encouraged by the carnal, lost-world, to indulge in. They are illusions of satisfaction. Real pleasure and satisfaction will come to you as undeniably as the morning light.


Small but deliberate steps. Every day, a little more. You can be a great surgeon and regenerate your body. But there are no short cuts in the operating theater…no cutting at all in fact, just the release of the impediments to conductivity and then, natural reconnection. Remember that what it actually means to “deny oneself” is to discard the truth of what you are. That is a far cry from the common understanding of the term which is to fail to give yourself the indulgences you desire. In effect when you indulge your lower impulses per the latter directive, you are in fact, actually discarding the truth of what you are.


Be the Flame


You can become the light/the primal fire/the eternal flame or you can get burned by it. The eternal flame will go on either way, incinerating all that is not itself. True to itself, the eternal fire of light will always unapologetically and uncompromisingly flame on.


In loving service,



Modern Day Superhero

Modern Day Superhero

Be a Conductor of Life


The modern day Super-Hero is the person who is holding so much Life Force (clarity, vitality, flowing love for all, and knowledge of Natural & Universal Law) that they are keeping the otherwise severely compromised and dying network of humanity alive.


If you are in wholeness, brimming with strong, loving Life Force, you are literally keeping humanity alive and giving humanity a chance to recover; to express as the interconnected network of loving, brilliant souls-in-form that we are designed to be! Every person who comes back to this level of wholeness conducts life back into the collective ‘body-human‘: the body of humanity. Begin thinking about the human body NOT as your body but as OUR united, connected singularity as a body of humans. Individually we are like cells in a body. Collectively we are the body. That is how connected we are. The fact that we have come to see ourselves otherwise is the greatest error of all time.


Presently, it is as if the ‘body-human’ has an increasingly terminal cancer spreading through it. We are each responsible for saving this ‘body-human’ and we each have a chance to be the Super-Hero of all Superheroes, right here, right now!


Thank you to every one of you Super-Heroes-in-the-making who are diligently restoring yourselves and thereby providing the only & likely final chance we have to cure our ‘body-human.’ Please keep doing the restorative work on yourselves. The second you light up in full, you become a restorer of the whole of humanity – a bona fide Super-Hero!


In loving service,




The Spirit of Divine Defiance

The Spirit of Divine Defiance

This has come up a lot lately so for whom it applies, I hope this helps: When friendship does not equal your standards, don’t believe less in friendship; instead believe in the greatness of friendship even more!


If love did not rise up to meet you in equal measure, don’t believe less in great love, believe in great love even more! Such is the spirit of divine defiance!!


If you feel you were just not made for this world at times because your heart just feels wounded more than it probably should, that’s when you can believe in a world that is as big and loving and overflowing with dynamic sentience as you are. If you are all these things, your world is too and there are others just like you!


Yes, this goes for the body too – when you see illness or physical weakness presenting in yourself or others, that’s the time to believe in indomitable vitality and physical prowess even more, not less!


in loving service,