Bougainvillea and Blue Skies

Bougainvillea and Blue Skies

Direct Sunlight


Bougainvillea need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight everyday to flourish like this. I love this sight. I lay beneath it each morning when I take my direct sunlight. It’s a feast for the eyes.


Leave the Artificial World


We can re-sync with the natural world, set aside our worthless, artificial constructs and all the false Matrix ideologies that convince us to buy into them. A better life lies beyond the world. The world is the Matrix. Life is the living Earth. We can choose. But we may not always be able to choose. The world’s ‘walls’ are closing in…those are the walls of false authority, dogma, perversions and inversions of both self-care and self-awareness. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of walking away from the artificial world. It’s like returning to your true, loving mother after being raised by Medusa.




This is a moment of great opportunity. Don’t buckle under fear and stress. Live a life of dignity. You are not a slave, a subservient underling, an obedient robot; though the false authorities parading around have done well to try to convince you that you are.


No, you are a dignified human- with a strong immune system – and the most incredible innate technology within you of any being known to this solar system. You are perfectly made in the image of the Supreme Creator, the embodiment of that perfect, pure intelligence.


Light and Space


You are like this flower, exquisite & extraordinary in every way. Be wild. Be free. Flourish. Humanity must not be oppressed, suppressed and kept in the dark. Flowers of this caliber need loads of light & space. Imagine, then, how much light & space you must need?!


in loving service,



Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Your True Self


In order to be Yourself – your True Self, not your Matrix self – SO much must be cleared away. All that you absorbed from the Matrix-mind has to be shown the exit.


Yes, be yourself! But in so affirming that expression, be sure you first know the difference between who YOU are and what you’ve accepted as ‘you’ (the big, real YOU vs the programmed, Matrix created distortion little you).


Authenticity comes only after knowing the Matrix-mind & and the insidious false coding it inserts into us and clearing all that falsity away.


Authenticity is just like true cleansing – it only happens when the obstruction leaves the body. It is not hypothetical. It is actual.


May we all get to our authentic truth and relish in the fullness of that divine Spirit. Let us gain the sight we need to bring ourselves back from the Matrix-mind so we may truly be Ourselves!


in loving service,



The Answers You Seek are Found Within

The Answers You Seek are Found Within

The Answers You Seek are Found Within


At all times, especially now, it is ideal that the answers you seek are found within – in the sovereign, clear counsel of your wise, highly-connected-with-Supreme-Creator-Self.


Clean out Your Kingdom First


But if what if your ‘within’ is all filled up with culturally instilled programming and media scripts along with all the dysfunctional reactions and emotions placed in you by those who raised you? Well, in that case, you’ll want to do a good bit of ‘kingdom cleaning’ before you’d want to go within.


What is your ‘within’ filled with? The adage “go within” is only as sage as your ‘within’ is truly worthy of being a pure, dependable counselor to yourself.




We can be beyond counselors & government and only have leaders in place as general reinforcements. But we have to be clean, clear, connected with the Source of the Forces of Goodness first. We may collectively be a long way from not requiring a structure to enforce a worldly ‘rule of law.’ But you, as an individual, can be very close to self-rulership and self-counsel.


Your Own Best Personal Advisor


Clean out your own Kingdom, become your best personal advisor. While everyone is going mad, seize this opportunity to make your kingdom within one where you can find all the answers you seek and all the direction you could ever need.


Clean Out Every Room in Your Kingdom


Your kingdom’s castle has many rooms that need cleaning: your physical room, your mental room, your emotional room, your sexual room, your energetic room and your spiritual room.


First go within to clean and when that’s done, you can go within to live, navigate & enjoy!


in loving service,



Being Truly Free

Being Truly Free

Exiting the Matrix


There’s a reason I don’t just talk about clean diet and give beauty & health tips. There’s a reason I harp on about the Matrix. The former would only enable you to be more comfortable in the world of the Matrix. It won’t get you out of the Matrix. And believe me, you definitely want out. You want out even if you don’t grasp it yet.


The reason I take these leaps to explain the Matrix-construct with you is because I want you to be truly free.


First, Know Thyself


Without comprehending the Natural Law of Mentalism and how you’ve grown up in that sticky mind-web and actually con-formed with it, (grew into its shape), you will never know what you truly are any more than that dragonfly can know itself when trapped in the spider web. Hence the Delphic maxim: “First, know thyself.” This aphorism means nothing if you do not know what keeps you from knowing your true nature in the first place.


The Divine Mind


I know that to many of you it may sound like I’ve lost my mind. Yet, what happens when you ‘drop’ the Matrix-mind is you regain the light of mind intended for you – the Divine Mind.


“Lose” Your Life to Gain it


I believe this is what Christ meant by needing to lose one’s life in order to gain it. We have to lose the false in order to regain the real. But it takes shining a great deal of light on the false to see that it is false when the false is instilled and installed in us as the real. The cognitive dissonance can be agonizing as one breaks free. In this way, perhaps think of it as birth pains. The pain, the struggle of restoring one’s mind has a great purpose if it is seen through. But, many who attempt it get sucked back in again.


I am also reminded of the passages in the Gospel where Jesus told his disciples, “I will make you fishers of men.” I believe he may have been referring to ‘fishing’ wo/men out of the Matrix construct, restoring them to their connection to Christ consciousness: the way, the truth and the light.


All in Your Own Time


Some of you are utterly primed for dissolving the Matrix construct, despite the work it requires to bypass the natural cognitive dissonance and restore your natural state consciousness. Some of you cannot presently think beyond the Matrix consciousness. That’s okay. I do believe we will all successfully exit. I think the ones who are actively doing so will make the way clear for the rest. We will lift up and out as a human-unit. No one will be left behind.


Just remember, LIFE from the Creator is perfect and beautiful. It’s the Matrix that is filthy, as I explained in the last installment.




There is *Nature/Earth/Life and there is *the World. They are not the same thing. Let’s never confuse the two. Life is not the world. The world is the Matrix. The ‘Matrix-world’ is the ‘False Mother,’ or “Mother Culture,” as Daniel Quinn explains it in his classic book “Ishmael.” If you haven’t read it, definitely start there. Up & out!


in loving service,




Higher Self

Higher Self

Your Higher Self


You can think of your ‘Higher Self’ as that part of yourself that is still within the God-Mind, still in the True Light.


Higher Self vs Personal Self


In this context, you can see how and why your Higher Self knows best what you need rather than the personal Self that you identify with in Matrix-consciousness.


Exit From the Matrix


If you are on a big journey in life that feels rocky and not where you wanted or expected to go, it’s probably because that which knows far more and sees far more clearly, (“as if face-to-face” with the Creator), has plans that most likely include getting you out of the Matrix.


Obstacles Along the Way


But cognitive dissonance and lack of practice computing true things (because we’re so well-practiced computing false things) keeps interfering and opposing the truth that our Higher Self wants us to see.


This opposition to the journey that our Higher Self wants to take us on causes us to keep banging our heads against the same walls!


Where is your ‘Higher Self’ trying to take you and help you see?


in loving service,